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Shubina Elizaveta Yurevna, Postgraduate student, Ogarev Mordovia State University (68 Bolshevistskaya street, Saransk, Russia),

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Background. At the present time, studying of regional youth subsociety is topi-cal, because the youth as a social group, owing to the openness to new tendencies, is under the influence of globalization and modernization processes and is subject to the high-quality changes, happening in the social environment. Regional specifics, in turn, are of special interest for studying as the value system of regional youth in many respects reflects a condition of development of the region, economic, political, social and spiritual sphere of the region and also tendencies of regional youth policy.
Materials and methods. The article contains results of the sociological research, conducted at the beginning of 2015 on the basis of the sub-department of sociology of the Ogarev Mordovia State University within the “Social Transformations and the Position of Youth in the Region” project, during which, by means of the questioning method, young people aged from 16 till 30 years were surveyed. Respondents answered questions concerning a wide range of problems, including a degree of satisfaction with social requirements of youth of the region, valuable orientations, entrepreneural potential and possibility of its realization, specifics of intergenerational interaction, migratory sentiments etc.
Results. The research results, described in the article, allow to estimate the value system of regional youth, and also the influence of subjective and personal values on social well-being and processes of socialization among young people.
Conclusions. The results of this work allow to estimate social processes, which act as objective prerequisites of formation of regional youth subsociety, to study its legislative and legal sense, as well as the influence of mass media on the youth sphere and the regional youth policy of the Republic of Mordovia.

Key words

youth, region, structure, subsociety, regional policy, institutionalization.

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